“A huge welcome to our incredible New Board Member Dhermindar Kumar from Hindu Community. We are beyond thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait to see the amazing impact. Your expertise, passion, and energy will bring to out organization”

Looking forward to work together !

Dherminder Kumar is a passionate Hindu advocate for interfaith harmony, women empowerment, health, education, children’s rights, and minority rights. With a background in Urdu literature (MA, 2022), he has been actively volunteering with national and international organizations since 2017. As a citizen journalist, he co-founded The Pak Voice in 2018 and have been associated with Mati TV for 6 years, producing over 18 documentaries on culture, history, and religious heritage. Currently, he is Social Media Manager at Hare Rama Foundation and affiliated and using digital stories as medium for advocating for the rights of minorities in Pakistan.

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