Clean Water and Sanitation:

The Government of Punjab commitments, it is noted that nearly one-third of the population Lacks access to improved drinking water. Data show that sanitation facilities are available to only 46 % of the population overall with 34% of the urban and 67% of the rural population lacking access to any sanitization facilities. The growing water scarcity issue has been effecting the life of people. The issue will get worse in the upcoming time. The water uses practices at community level are lacking social responsibility. The water users at household level are not least sanitized on growing water scarcity and its crisis in future. Hi Voices have taken the initiative to build the capacity of Pakistan youth to aware, improve and provide clean water in minority areas by involving minorities and general population youth and placing hand wash soaps at worship places of different beliefs. Hi Voices have taken this initiative by keeping focus on one of the alarming situations. Clean water and sanitation are paid less attention

 in the area where community resilience towards changing climate and social cohesion lacks required support to address the issue. Hi Voices have identified communal issues maybe our tool that would provide a platform to minorities of different religions or different genders to participate and share required input to Determine communal action for Clean water and sanitation.