Good Health and Well-being

Health of marginalized young key populations is the main priority of “Hi Voices”. Hi Voices has been advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness since its formation. We are focused on young vulnerable key populations which are usually discriminated against and stigmatized based on their identity.

  • We are working with Me for Myself, an International campaign working for awareness of mental health awareness.
  • We are working with Aurat Raaj for women’s health by providing awareness of menstrual health  and menstrual hygiene particularly under Raaji initiative.
  • We are working with Youth LEAD Asia Pacific network of Young Key Populations for the health & rights of young key populations in Pakistan.
  • Hi Voices is a member of the Global Partnership Forum of Comprehensive Sexuality Education by UNESCO & UNFPA which is an International Platform for Networks and Organizations working on CSE.
  • Hi Voices is part of the National Youth Alliance on Family Planning. It is a network of young activists and youth-led organizations working on sexual reproductive health & rights and family planning.
  • We are  member organization of The Youth PACT which is a UNAIDS supported network of young activists and Youth-led organizations from around the global working for HIV/AIDS advocacy related to young people.
  • We are working with the Institute of HIV education & Research for education and research on HIV/AIDS and related illness.
  • As member of International Youth Alliance on Family Planning we have conducted a focus group discussion among young members of IYAFP Pakistan on how to 
  • We have worked with Bridges Consultants Foundation for awareness, diagnosis and free treatment of Tuberculosis among vulnerable key populations. TB is one of the most serious diseases among key populations.
  • We have participated in UNICEF research study on improving adolescents lives in South Asia by using a reality check approach method via empatika.
  • We remain part of HYPE: Hamqadam Youth Participation for Empowerment which was a National Youth Alliance for Sexual, Reproductive Health & Rights.