Secretariat Members

Tayyab Hussain CEO

Tayyab Hussain, CEO of Hi Voices, completed his degree in Sociology from Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU). He is a dedicated peace promoter, passionately committed to advancing human rights and democracy through innovative approaches and initiatives. As the CEO of Hi Voices, Hussain has created a platform for marginalized voices to be heard, amplifying the voices of those who are often silenced or ignored, and shedding light on the injustices and inequalities that persist in society. Additionally, he has been actively involved with national and international organizations as a volunteer, furthering his mission to promote peace, understanding, and social justice.

Ahmad Shah Vice Chairperson

I am Muhammad Ahmad Shah, am proud to be serving as the Vice Chairperson of Hi Voices, a platform dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices. As a law graduate and practicing lawyer from Multan, I’m passionate about advocating for the rights of marginalized communities. Since 2019, I’ve been actively involved in volunteer work with various organizations and social platforms, focusing on promoting the rights and health of transgender individuals and the general population. I’m dedicated to creating a more inclusive and just society for all. Let’s connect and work together towards a brighter future!

Iqra Amjad Voice Chairperson

 Iqra Amjad Voice chairperson of Hi voices brings, her vast expertise and passion for gender equality to inform our strategic direction, amplifying our impact and empowering women and marginalized communities to thrive. A dedicated social activist and peace promoter making a difference in her community. With a passion for creating positive change, she has been involved with national and international organizations, inspiring others through her selflessness and compassion. Her tireless efforts have made a significant impact in promoting social justice, gender equality, and conflict resolution.

Sohaima Faheem Communicator officer

Sohaima Faheem, Communicator – Officer at Hi Voices and Communication Lead for various social impact initiatives, is a passionate and devoted young professional dedicated to amplifying the voices of women and marginalized communities through strategic communication and storytelling. In her role at Hi Voices, she effectively communicates the organization’s mission and vision, fostering meaningful connections with diverse audiences. Beyond Hi Voices, she has worked with various organizations, utilizing her skills to drive social impact and promote human rights awareness, making a significant difference in the lives of many. With her creative expertise and commitment to women’s development, she helps shape narratives and inspire positive change.


Adeeba Ameen Compaign Officer

I’m Adeeba Ameen, a Gender Studies student and SRHR activist from Pakistan, pioneering a path for women’s empowerment. As the founder of Women Voices, I engage with grassroots communities, advocating for women’s education and health. Breaking family barriers, I’ll be the first woman in my family to graduate. My passion is to champion women’s rights, education equality, and women’s health, inspiring others to be the first in their dreams. With a background in gender studies and activism, I’m dedicated to creating a ripple effect of change, ensuring every woman has access to education, resources, and opportunities to thrive.

Jabeen Zahra Finance Officer

My name is Jabeen Zahra. I am honored to serve as the Finance Officer at Hi Voices, utilizing my expertise to drive financial growth and sustainability. With a strong educational background in Accounting and Finance, I hold a Master’s degree in this field. Professionally, I have established myself as a seasoned banker, leveraging my expertise to facilitate financial growth and success for individuals and organizations. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy reading books, playing games, and spending quality time with my family. These hobbies help me maintain a healthy work-life balance and keep me refreshed and focused. As a banker with a passion for learning and personal growth, I am always looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills, and make a positive impact in my community.

Sumbul Coordinator Volunteer

Meet Sumbul Javaid, a dedicated and passionate individual from the Christian community, who has spent 6 years working with various social organizations and NGOs, including Hi Voices, where she currently serves as Volunteer Coordinator. With a strong background in facilitation, social mobilization, and training, Sumbal has made a significant impact in the lives of many, and continues to inspire others through her work and singing talents.

Rida Zahra Social Media Manger

Zahra, Social Media Manager at Hi Voices, is a devoted Shia Muslim with a Master’s degree in Statistics. She leverages her expertise to amplify the organization’s online presence and inspire positive change. Outside of her professional life, Rida finds joy in gardening and going on outings with her family. These activities help her maintain a healthy work-life balance and bring a sense of fulfillment to her everyday life. With her passion for statistics and social media, Rida is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in her community.