Our Teams

Ali Raza Khan

Ali Raza Khan is a YPLHIV activist from Multan, Pakistan working for his community since 2015, focused on SRHR, HIV/AIDS prevention and peace. He has worked with organizations including UNICEF, IYAFP, UNESCO APCEIU, The Global Fund, European Union for rights of minorities and young key populations.

Iqra Amjad

Iqra Amjad is a Social Activist and Trainer. In 2013, She participated in the US Pakistan cultural peacebuilding program. In 2016, she started working as a Youth Facilitator and Capacity building Trainer in different INGO. She has conducted awareness sessions on Human Rights, Peace building, Resilience, conflict, Social Cohesion and harmony in community. She is efficiently training the youth on thematic areas including non-violent communication, accepting multiple identities, and celebrating diversities.

Ahmad bukhari
Vice Chairperson

Ahmad Bukhari started working with vision in 2019, an organization which works for transgenders and children rights. The project was assembled by AFY and he performed different community mobilisation activities and sessions during the course of one year.

Major details on the subject of SRHR, Stigma, HIV, STI’s and Human Rights Law were deliberated in sessions. He wishes to work on Women’s Rights and climate to a larger audience via “Hi Voices”.